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The History of Slot Machines & Video Slots

The fun of slot machines gaming has not remained the same, but increases can be demonstrated by the great interest shown in the game both by U.S. players and players from all over the World.

The Beginning

The name Charles Fey is always connected to the Slot-machine even though he is not really the father of the slots. Already in 1891, a machine with five reels to display poker hands was created in New York by Pitt and Sittman. Their machine could not spit out the prize money, but the idea of ​​matching pictures was the same.

Pictures of suites cards were something that Charles Fey’s first slot machine called Liberty Bell. His machine was very heavy and far away from the video slots of today, beginning with a touch button on the screen to spin the wheels. The beginning of the U.S. slot machine was difficult.

It was banned in many places across the USA. Therefore, the bar is a symbol of the Bell-Fruit Gum Company that was created. They were the first company to start mass-producing slot machines and to deal with the prohibition of gambling, they had a bubble gum pop for each train on the handle.

The bar symbol represents chewing gum and has been around since the appearance of the machine and computer. What really changed was the introduction of electric machines and of course the computer. If the machine could work with electricity it would make it much smoother and harder to cheat.

This happened in the 60s brought in the USA or with that yet to see many slot machines in casinos. With the computerization of the slot machine there are random, fair games. In the 80′s pulling arm was not actually on the machine, it now had the functions of a video slot and looked very much like today in agricultural-based casinos and online.

Today, slot machines are completely electronic and the Internet has managed to take the exclusive use of the U.S. slot player to the world. Today everyone can enjoy a game machine, no matter where he lives all that is needed is an Internet connection and a Computer. Es are still versions of slots online, such as the original US-slot machine with three reels and the fruit symbols.

The History Of Video Slots

Click here for the best online casino to visit was a rapidly growing industry in the United States. As his popularity grew more and more companies started to develop similar slot machines.

However, there were a few years of prohibition of slot machines and they were banned in some states. They came back with a vengeance in 1964 when Bally Manufacturing released Money Honey.

This new slot machine featured electronic internal components that set it in a class above the original machines. Not only the internal processes, however, were significantly different, but the slot machines now presented lights and sounds and the ability to put more coins. U.S. casinos presented in this case and slot machines abound.

In 1975 the first video slot machines at Casino U.S. were affected. The Fortune Coin video slot machine was invented by Walt Fraley in 1975. Fraley video slot machines were not immediately popular as U.S. casino patrons were initially skeptical of the new virtual technology they used. International Game Technology (IGT) saw the potential in video slot machines and in 1976 it acquired the Fortune Coin manufacturer.

IGT began with the production of new video slot games, and it became the second-largest slot machine manufacturer, with its emphasis on video slot games. Video poker became popular in 1979 and this increased the popularity of video slots. Since 1980, the popularity of video slot machines has increased dramatically.

New technology is used constantly and exciting new features are added to the existing games. Slot machines now often feature progressive jackpots? That is, the machines on other machines are either in the same casino or even in other casinos. This means that the jackpots can grow very large since they are continually added to by several players.

This is certainly a big step forward from the original 50c jackpots that are offered by the Liberty Bell! Slot machines in those days almost always feature bonuses for various combinations of rotations. Players can play video slots.

Video slots are available, not only in all land-based casinos but in all online casinos as well. Online slot machines are very popular. Slot games to players from the U.S., you can on the Internet as well. Unfortunately, due to new legislation in the United States, not all states allow the ownership of slot machines.

At a time when these games were very popular in the United States except casinos and online casinos, U.S. players, but it is now for all U.S. players, with those of the country wanting to make them familiar and important to be sure that it is legal to play for them.

So, slot machines that have now gone through a long history.

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